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Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services

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Installation Service

Flat Panel TVs

We can hang your flat panel tv practically anywhere you would like! Whether you 

want to watch your favorite show in the comfort of your favorite chair, on the couch 

with your family, in the comfort of your bed, in the kitchen to follow your favorite 

recipes, or while relaxing in the tub. We can mount your tv flush with the wall, with a 

mounting bracket with an arm so you can adjust the tv to be viewed from any angle. 

Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services can conceal all the wires behind the wall 

too, for a nice, clean, professional look. We will hook up any devices for you so all 

you have to do is sit back and relax.

Windows, Doors, Locks and Hardware

Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services can install new windows and doors for 

you. We can replace and repairs windows and doors. We can replace storm doors, 

entry doors, bi-fold doors and pocket doors and more! We can add closure arms 

and hinges, install new locks and hardware. We can adjust your bi-fold doors or 

replace any bi-fold door part.

Acoustic Tile

Whether you need a few ceiling tiles replaced or a new drop ceiling installed, Derek 

La Rosa's Handyman Services  is on the job.

Blinds and Window Treatments

Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services can install your new window treatments. 

Blinds and shades not only help block the glaring sun and help with privacy, they 

also help keep heating and cooling costs down as well!

Storage Solutions

From custom closets to shelving and cabinets, Derek La Rosa's Handyman 

Services can bring function, organization and style to your space. Whether you 

neemore storage in your closet, laundry room, basement or garage, we can help 

get you organized and get on with your life. 

Mailbox and Post Replacement

Derek La Rosa's Handyman 

Services can remove your old  mailbox 

and post, set a new post to the proper  

depth and proper distance from the 

curb. We then anchor the post with 

200 lbs. of concrete. Then 

we mount any mailbox you would like to 

the top of the post. We can leave it as 

is, paint or stain it to match your house. 

Finally we top off the new exposed 

concrete with new top soil.

Pet Door Installation

Tired of taking the dog out? Call Derek 

La Rosa's Handyman Services 

today. We can install a pet door 

practically anywhere. There are several 

options to choose from. From 

standard manually operated models to 

chip activated doors that only allow your 

pet to enter and exit at will. Perfect if you 

are going on vacation or just everyday 

use. Pet doors also help reduce the 

cost of heating and cooling by not 

opening your regular entry door.Pet 

doors can be installed through wood, 

vinyl, aluminum siding, brick or stone. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
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