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Interior Painting

Interior painting requires a high level of skills including 

color and finish consultation and preparation of surfaces. 

When starting a new painting project Derek La Rosa's 

Handyman Services will help you create a one of a 

kind space you and your family will enjoy for years to come. 

We always use a green product with no, or low VOC's.

Interior Painting Process

We start by protecting your home with drop cloths, plastic, tarps and painter's tape.

We then remove all wall hangings, window treatments, appliances, furniture and outlet covers.

All minor drywall repairs such as nail holes, nail pops, dings and dents will be patched and sanded smooth before 

painting begins. Then we sand the entire wall surface to remove any imperfections.

Then we cut in with your new color around windows, doors, trim and ceiling.

Now we roll out the paint.

Next, we patch any more noticeable imperfections, sand and spot prime.

Then we apply the final coat. 

We always apply a standard, 2 coats of paint.

Lastly, we clean up all of our mess and materials and put everything back where we found, it unless otherwise 

requested to do so.


We can also stain most most surfaces. Whether you are looking to have a new hand rail or floor installed or wanting original 

wood work refinished throughout your home you can trust Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services will deliver a superb 








and more!

Exterior Paint and Stain Process

We always do an on-site evaluation. Every home, yard, terrain, project is different.

We then look at the landscaping. Is there anything that needs to be covered or pulled back from the home? Do any shrubs  

or trees need to be trimmed prior to beginning the project? We also offer this service. Then we will protect any areas that 

may be at risk of damage such as siding, or bushes. 

Before we begin painting or staining, we will pressure wash the area to be refinished, removing any dirt and debris and any 

previous paint or stain but not to damage the surface underneath. Then we let the surface dry for a few days. Then we can 

scrape off any more loose paint and sand smooth any rough patches and patch any area that may be showing signs of rot. 

If there area any areas showing rot, we will evaluate the situation and determine the cause of such damage. Also, any 

caulking is done at this stage as well. Any old deteriorating caulk will be completely removed and new caulk will be applied. 

Finally, after everything is prepared, we can now begin painting or staining. We will apply one continuous coat. Let that dry. 

Then we will apply a 2nd coat. 2 coats is standard and necessary. There is no way to completely and thoroughly cover any 

surface in one coat. Also, a second coat is recommended by most manufacturers of paint products. A second coat ensures 

all areas are completely covered. This helps in protecting the substrate, and extending the life of the product for you 

to enjoy for years to come.

Pressure Washing

Whether you are having your home, deck or fence refinished or you would just like to clean off all the dirt and grime from 

the past year, Derek La Rosa's Handyman Services can help. We will also pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, concrete 

blocks around flower beds, pavers and more.

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